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Esprecious 22

Espresso machine

Esprecious 22

A coffee machine for cafeterias, healthcare organizations and businesses: choose your own espresso, decaf or regular coffee beans.

  • 2 canisters for instant ingredients

  • A split bean canister for two types of coffee beans. The instant canisters can be filled with a topping of e.g.,  cocoa for coffee specialties such as cappuccino, café au lait, wiener blend and hot chocolate

  • Ease of use: intuitive touchscreen

  • Bean-to-cup: preparation with fresh coffee beans

  • Double spout: serves two drinks at the same time

  • Professional grinder and brewer: for the perfect grind and coffee extraction

  • Separately adjustable options for temperature, water/coffee ratio,...

  • Servicing and maintenance friendliness

  • High in-cup quality thanks to an automatic rinsing program

  • Unique hot water system that minimizes limescale deposits: less servicing required

  • Separate spout for hot water, e.g., for tea

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