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Coffee machine


A coffee machine that makes a smooth supply of coffee is a priority: the ideal coffee brewing system from 25 to 30 cups per day.

  • Adapted flow programming using "the grandmother's way" ensures optimum extraction during the brewing process

  • Advantageous: You get the BRAVILOR machine on loan together with 2 Bravilor Airpots completely FREE of charge. You only pay for the coffee at the rate of a minimum of 1 carton of OCF coffee per machine per month. Installation and any potential repair of the appliance are also completely free of charge (excluding descaling, defects due to limescale, fire, theft, vandalism, wrongful usage).

  • Efficient: make a delicious thermos of coffee in less than 5 minutes. Thanks to the unique OFFICE COFFEE FILTER system, or OCF, a correctly portioned amount of coffee in a sealed filter bag is deployed so you always get optimum and constant coffee quality. The mess of loose coffee, scoops, crumpled or toppled filter paper and coffee grounds is a thing of the past.

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