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Matic - THa - TH with water connection

The OCF coffee machine has been specially developed for companies and institutions where a regular coffee supply is needed. An adapted run-through programming "in the grandmother's way" ensures optimal extraction during the brewing of coffee. It is the ideal coffee brewing system from 25 to 30 coffees per day with only advantages:

ECONOMIC: You get the BRAVILOR machine on LOAN FOR FREE together with 2 Bravilor Airpots. You only pay for the coffee at a rate of at least 1 carton of OCF coffee per appliance per month. Installation and possible repair of the appliance are also completely free of charge (except for limescale removal, defects caused by limescale, fire, theft, vandalism, or incorrect handling of the machine).

EFFICIENT: Thanks to the unique OFFICE COFFEE FILTER system, or OCF, a correctly dosed quantity of coffee in a closed filter bag, you always get the optimum and constant coffee quality and the tampering with loose coffee, scoops, crumpled or toppled over filter paper and spillage with coffee grounds are a thing of the past. In less than 5 minutes you can brew a delicious thermos coffee.

The Esprecious 22 has two canisters for instant ingredients and a split bean canister for two types of coffee beans. So you can choose your own espresso, decaf or regular coffee beans. The instant canisters can be filled with a topping and, for example, cocoa for specialty coffees such as cappuccino, café au lait, Viennese blend and hot chocolate.
The target groups are cafeterias, organisations in the care sector and companies.


Instant equipment - Bolero 1 3kW

Equipped with one canister for adding coffee or chocolate and a separate hot water tap for e.g. tea or soup. For locations with a peak demand for larger volumes, which also have a water connection. In addition, the machine is equipped with a digital control, a separate hot water tap, a plastic drip tray, automatic descaling indicator and a rinsing program.
The target group are care centres.

Strengths :


Percolator 75

Strengths :

Circular filtering equipment with separate hot water tank, for locations with a water connection. Put large quantities of coffee in separate containers. Equipped with digital display, total and daily counters, descaling system, coffee-ready signal, built-in timer and optimal protection. Including containers type VHG, filter units and drip tray.

Strengths :

The filter coffee machine Matic is a reliable and durable coffee maker that is easy to use. In addition to the standard hot plate, the coffee machine also has a second hot plate at the top. Two glass jugs are included with the Matic. With this coffee maker with water connection, you'll have the solution for good, fresh filter coffee for years to come.

Strengths :

The THa filter coffee machine brews fresh coffee directly into an air pot or thermos jug. The coffee machine is connected to the water connection. All you have to do is add the coffee and switch the machine on. The THa is made of high-quality stainless steel, is durable and easy to maintain, which makes it ideal for high-use situations.

Strengths :

With the TH filter coffee machine you can brew fresh coffee directly in an air pot or thermos jug. This coffee machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain. The durable TH is ideal in a situation where occasional pots of coffee are needed and is suitable for high-intensity use.

Strengths :