Our traditional coffee from the port of Antwerp


Arabica, robusta and fair trade coffee of barista quality

The coffee market is an international activity in which we, as coffee roasting company St Michel, play a central role. The coffee beans we roast come from all over the world, offering different types and blends ranging from 100% Arabica coffee to, for example, a blend of Arabica and Robusta. Whatever your preference, we deliver a product that is 100% to your taste or that of your employees and customers. We roast our coffee using a modernised  traditional roasting process to guarantee the optimal quality of your coffee.

Rainforest Alliance

Roasting process

The coffee is roasted in large drums at a temperature of around 200 to 220°C. We can adjust the duration of roasting per type and per product, to obtain a softly roasted or only intensively roasted coffee is produced. We are proud of our large range of fair trade coffee.

Respect for fair agriculture and sustainable trade

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Rainforest Alliance
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UTZ Certified
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Fair trade coffee

Whichever coffee you prefer, we always work with respect for the original product and the small farmers. We are particularly proud that our coffee carries the Rainforest Alliance label guaranteeing that the purchased coffee beans were grown in a sustainable way. We have a large stock of fair trade coffee aiming to actively contribute to a fair world trade.


We ship our coffee worldwide and recognise that you have your own preferences. That's why we always offer you different options.

Ground and ungroud coffee

Coffee in soft vacuum packs for optimal brewing

Instant coffee

Koffie St Michel
Koffie St Michel
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Would you like more information about the prices and possibilities? Then we will be happy to welcome you for coffee. Please feel free to contact us