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Koffie op de werkvloer

Coffee machines for companies

A professional coffee machine in the workplace

No coffee break should be without a deserved cup of coffee. St Michel has all the ingredients for the perfect coffee break in the workplace: quality coffee machines ideal for businesses, the smell and taste of freshly roasted coffee, and a customer-friendly service.

Tailor-made coffee machines

Where productivity is essential, your coffee machine should be expected to do the same. At St Michel, you can select an easy-to-use and low-maintenance coffee machine that will perform, cup after cup. For both early birds and night owls, there is top-quality coffee available to suit all tastes at every moment of the day.

Koffie op de werkvloer
Zalige koffie

Can't see the wood for the beans? If so, we will be happy to guide you through our range, so just ask, and we will be available to help you make the best choice

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