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Koffie voor zorginstellingen

A coffee machine in the health and care sectors

A professional coffee machine for healthcare facilities

As a coffee supply supplier, we understand better than anyone the added value that a heartwarming cup of coffee brings to the healthcare sector. After all, coffee can play an important role in the well-being of patients and care staff. Indeed, it immediately creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere for everyone who comes across such facilities, including waiting visitors or hard-working employees. We are proud to be able to provide healthcare facilities with high-quality coffee-making products at any time, so staff can fully focus on the care of their patients.

Selected with care

At St Michel, we have put together a range especially for the healthcare sector that caters for all requirements. Our range does not stop at coffee machines, either, because we have also considered instant, bean and ground coffee, too. Our coffee supply can also be extended to include other drinks, such as tea and hot chocolate and water fountains. Furthermore, we offer customized solutions that will suit your specific needs perfectly within budget, whether it is a hospital, a residential care center, a surgery practice or any other type of healthcare facility.

Medische staf neemt een koffiepauze
Ons assortiment koffie

Are you interested in our coffee facilities for the healthcare sector? If so, feel free to contact us for more information. Our team is ready to advise and support you.

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